Vanakkam, Swagata, Swagatam, Suswagatam, Namaste !

Our Chef

Vijayan Ramasamy is a head chef at Dhakshin. Vijayan was born in small town in the state of Tamilnadu, India.

He was born and grew up in a traditional agricultural family from South India. He had an opportunity to taste some of the fresh produce from the farm, especially all kind of vegetables. He was a passionate boy to eat various authentic and traditaional food and learnt receipes from his mother and grand mother.

Vijayan successfully completed diploma in hotel management in 1996. He then joined as a chef-de-party trainee at ITC Sheraton in Chennai, where he had opportunity to work in a signature restaurant called “Dakshin”, Then he was appointed as a chef, where he started his professional career.

In 2000, he moved to Australia and worked in a reputed Indian restaurant for 3 years. Then he moved to London for 3 years and worked in one Michelin star restaurant called “Tamarind” as a sous chef, which gave an opportunity to learn lot of techniques and skills. He is also proud for opportunity that he had to work for outdoor events at various historical venues located all over greater London. He then migrated back to Australia in 2006, worked in award winning restaurants & has a total experience of 22 years worldwide.

It was great excitement and dream come true that he has opened Dhakshin – Authentic South Indian Restaurant. This was an inspiration from where he learnt his basics in professional food industry. His passion and influence of regional culinary skills, drives to create innovate receipes, which brings delicious palate dish on the table to customers.

Vijayan Ramasamy


Received Certificates and Awards

Dhakshin offers traditional and home style dishes from various south Indian regions like Chettinadu, Tanjore, Kongunadu, Udupi, Mangolorean, Nizam of Hyderabad, Deccan region, Maplah and Southern coastal region.

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